Hours and Info

P.O. Box 345
Fulton, MD. 20759
Mon–Fri: 8am–8pm
Sat&Sun: 9am–2pm

JaziBakes!  (JB’s) — Is a “personal baker service featuring vegan, vegetarian, low-gluten, kidney smart, diabetes-friendly (cane sugar-free), and of course regular baked goods.  JB’s rocks the savory and dessert world….taking custom cakes, cookies, brownies, pies and tarts and edible herbs to a new high. We bake for your enjoyment rolls, buns and other “down-home” delicious baked goods.

JaziBakes!  Proudly caters to individuals, families, civic organizations, fund-raising events, fairs, farmer’s markets and corporate functions.

Your specific dietary preferences are created with care, featuring dazzling decorations — all with homemade flavor, taste, and textures.