Our Story

Hello From Jazi!

In 2016, I created my first batch of specialty cookies for my husband who is a kidney dialysis patient.  He shared his cookies with other dialysis patients, and they loved my baked goods so much that I began baking all sorts of fresh, homemade-to-order goodies using ingredients identified within their kidney-smart nutrition regimen.

Soon, I expanded to creating diabetes-friendly, heart-healthy, vegan, vegetarian and low-gluten desserts. That first batch of kidney-smart cookies I made was not with any sort of business plan or marketing strategy. I merely wanted my husband to enjoy his food again.  When I saw the enjoyment that he and other dialysis patients who ate my creations experienced, I was humbled and eager to continue bringing joy to those with special dietary needs through my gift of baking.

Baking for family and friends has grown into a steady client base of special desserts for birthdays, kid’s parties, senior events, and even baby shower and sprinkle parties for pregnant moms wanting flavorful sugar-free cakes.

I now partner with caterers and event planners; bake for youth and adult sporting events, local fairs, and farmer’s markets where my baked goods are routinely included among the selections.

I thank each and every customer, mentor, supplier, and business person who encouraged me to expand baking beyond my immediate family and friends’ enjoyment.

My happy on-going story is that as we wait for the miracle of a kidney transplant for my husband, we grow our circle of friends and engage others in the mission and success of JaziBakes! while raising awareness of kidney disease. 

I sincerely hope you make JaziBakes! your “go to” bakery and include us in your circle of friends who can support your special diet needs and preferences. I am happy to help you in any way that I am able through my business and community activities.

Oatmeal Ginger Cookies

Sugar-Free Blondies

Low-Gluten Mini Loaves

Our Signature Buttersoctch Morsel Cake (Vegan and Vegetarian Options)

Kidney-Smart and Heart-Healthy Dinner Rolls

Personal Mini Gourmet Cakes